Day 11

We made it to Vancouver! Will see you tomorrow 🙂


Day 10

We are safe in Guatemala City, it’s barely 9pm and the girls are all tucked into bed. We are so excited to sleep in until 7:30 tomorrow before we go to Pollo Campero for breakfast and get dropped off at the airport. Our flights are all on schedule for tomorrow, and the girls are looking forward to showers with lots of pressure and hot water and being able to flush toilet paper.

We had a great day today – we got to Guatemala City quickly and went shopping for souvenirs at the market before having a few hours to rest, then dinner and a debrief.

It has been so wonderful getting to know the teens and watching as they change and grow over this trip. Some things I was really praying fervently over were things that they spoke about tonight as things they want to change in their own lives as they return to Salmon Arm. All the leaders are so proud of them and love them so much. I’ve never seen a team grow this much in their walk with God. They all seem very self-aware of where they are in their walk and of what they need to work on. They are also very supportive of each other, and it is my hope and prayer that they don’t lose this team spirit or forget what they said tonight.

See you soon,


Day 9

This week has been amazing!  We have been very busy and blessed with sunny weather everyday, except for a few showers last Sunday night.  It has been such a blessing to see God reveal Himself to our students and leaders, and to see the team show God and His love to the Guatemalans.  We were especially blessed by those who joined us – a couple from Calgary who sponsor 8 classes and 2 children, and let us join them in visiting some of their classes; and Jan Stark (a former KCS Grade 1 teacher) and Emily who just came down and are new teachers in their schools.  It’s really cool to see their excitement and energy as they prepare to teach English to different Impact schools.

Today we did a day trip to Semuc Champey which was absolutely gorgeous.  Most of the group went hiking to the lookout before joining the rest of the team in swimming and letting little fish eat dead skin off our feet.

Overall, this trip has been amazing.  We had great weather, everyone had positive attitudes, we served each day and worked our hardest and loved the kids and we have grown in our own walks with God.  Of course, this trip has also had its challenges.  There was a bit of bickering between some team members, there have been tears, and we had a few incidents with blood.  But God is good all the time, and He has watched over us and kept us safe.

We heard there was an earthquake this morning, but don’t worry – we are safe.  We didn’t even feel it 🙂

Tomorrow we begin our journey home, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you soon.


Melissa + the team

Day 5

We have had a great couple of days. Today we joined a school for devotions, had tours of two schools, went to the newest school for a work project where we shoveled dirt to make stairs and were leveling land beside the school to add on a kitchen and more classrooms. Then it was lunch, children’s ministry at another school, dinner and hearing a Guatemalan’s testimony. Now it’s not even 8 and the kids have some free time until bed.

It’s been so great getting to know the kids better. This is truly such a special team. Everyone has a positive attitude, is working without complaining, and they all seem to be doing pretty well and enjoying the various activities.

Sydney and Vanessa did a great job leading crafts today and Brennan and Keyan led games.

VK said his cheeks hurt from smiling so much during the hug line, but it was worth it.

Blake loves playing with the kids and being hugged. Caden has been videoing us while working, hugging kids and playing soccer with them, and being a great “big brother” to some of the other boys.

Adrian and Kaleb are trying to learn as much spanish as possible, and are grilling our translators.

Courtney, Jessica and Joelle are always smiling and joining in on any activity, from cuddling kittens to praying over others.

Joni has been such a joy to have. It’s so much fun being on the trip with her again and reminiscing about last year, and all the things that are the same and different.

Rachel and Jon are such amazing leaders. We are really taking care of the kids and making sure they are happy, healthy and having an awesome time serving God and His people.

Please continue to pray for us, and we will see you soon.


Day 3 – In Tactic!

Well, we made it to Tactic and everything is going great!  At the airport yesterday we not only arrived about an hour early, but ALL of our bags made it to Guatemala!  That has never happened before!

We stayed in the seminary and I think everyone slept really well.  We had breakfast there, our first meal of plantains, beans and eggs and something that looked like tamales?  I don’t know, but after a tour of the palace and cathedral we began our journey to Tactic.  It actually took less than 4 hours not counting stopping for lunch, and the drive was really nice.

Once we arrived at the Impact property, we had a tour of the grounds followed by lasagna and orientation.  Now some students are resting, journaling, or playing kill with a volleyball.

As often happens, our plans are already beginning to change.  Tomorrow will be church, followed by lunch at a restaurant in Tactic, a tour of a coffee plantation with free tastings, and then a cultural activity where we will make our own Guatemalan dinner.  So it will be a wonderful day getting to know the culture we are now living in.

Thank you for your prayers, we are definitely feeling blessed and everyone is doing well.