Missions Credits:

We are partnering with Anchor Academy to teach a Grade 12 Missions course.  The great thing is, we are already doing it!  Every time students fundraise, come to team meetings, work at the Dessert Auction, go to their “sponsor classes” in the school, while they are on the trip, journaling each day during the trip, speaking in chapels – all of this will earn them 4 credits for this Grade 12 course, and there are funds involved, which will help pay for the trip.  Every student was given a big envelope to take home tonight, please fill out the paperwork and bring it back.


I also booked and paid for the flights today!!!  Yay!!!  Obviously, flights can change, but here is the info for now, so you can start planning:

Flight #AC8421K We fly out of Kelowna to Vancouver Jan 25th at 7:20pm.  This means the Grade 12’s can write their English exam in the morning.  We will meet at the school in the afternoon, pray over the team, then have parents drive us to the Kelowna airport early enough to get our tickets and wait for our flight.

Then Flight #AM697T is Vancouver to Mexico, 11:25pm to 7am, Jan 26.

Flight #AM670T is Mexico to Guatemala, 10:40am to 12:40pm.

Our return flight:

Flight #AM671E Guatemala to Mexico, 1:40pm to 4:05pm, Feb 3rd.

Flight #AM612E Mexico to Calgary, 5:50pm to 10:30pm.

Then we will book a hotel for the night.

Flight #AC8401K Calgary to Kelowna, 9am to 9:21am, Feb 4th.

And again, we will plan which parents can meet us at the airport and drive us home.

Thankfully, our flights were cheaper than I thought, about $770 per person with tax.

God has been so good, everything is running smoothly and we are getting ready for this trip to happen!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Melissa Ramsey




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