Money Raised

The Dessert Auction was a huge success, we raised over $10 000!

We have also had a lot of cheques coming in from the sponsor letters students wrote.  So far, over $4500 has come in from those.

The next steps:

  1. Make an appointment for immunizations.  The Salmon Arm clinic info:         103-571 6th St NE
    Salmon Arm , BC Canada V1E 4N3
    Toll Free: 1-888-288-8682
    (in McGuire Lake Clinic)
  2. Work on getting the rest of your $1000 in to me.  (think $500 by mid-Nov, the rest by the end of Dec at the latest).
  3. Think about Travel Medical Insurance.  Make sure I have that information before the trip.

We will also start having team lunch meetings on Thursdays from 12:25-12:50 to go over the team handbook (which you should bring), practice spanish, and go over anything else we need to.


Miss Ramsey


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