We have two after-school meetings coming up.  Dec 11 from 3:30-5pm is for all team members.  Be prepared to share your testimony.  Parents, please come at 5pm, and we will go over things to pack, like what kinds of clothes to bring.  Please bring any questions you have as well.

Jan 9th we will have a meeting from 3:30-5:30pm with the team.  Parents, please arrive at 5:30pm.  We will figure out who is driving to the airport and all the last-minute details.  At 6pm a notary is coming to sign the “Consent Letters for Children Travelling Abroad”, which every student needs so we can take them overseas.  A parent must attend for each child, and bring $10 cash to pay for the notary and the parent must bring ID.  We also have the forms already and will distribute them at the Dec 11th meeting, and bring extras on this night so they can be filled out in advance.


Melissa Ramsey


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