New Updates

Today I received an e-mail from Impact.  They have arranged our children’s ministry, which is super exciting!  We get to lead crafts and games for 11 and 12 year olds over a three-day period, with each day being a different theme.

They also sent a list of who has submitted an online application form.  The only ones they have on record are: Riley, Daniel, Tim, Doreen Lane, Ryan, Joni and myself.  I do have some that were given to me on paper that I am mailing off.  Please make sure you complete the online application form and it says it “is submitted successfully”.  Impact needs this asap. The link is here.  Under “Application Forms” please make sure you select the correct age group.

Next Wednesday is the due date for spending money.  If leaders or students want to buy anything in Guatemala, they must give me Canadian money by next Wednesday so I can send a cheque to Impact.  They would also like that asap.

Please practice your Spanish before next Thursday’s lunch meeting.  There are a lot of great free apps for your devices, like “wlingua” to help you.

Have a great week!




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