We are here!

We arrived Friday night at 9pm, after a long night and day of flights, followed by a long drive to Tactic.  It was so wonderful to see Julio and Edgar, our previous driver and translator, waiting for us at the airport doors.  It was almost like coming home.

We had only one checked bag not make it through, which had a lot of our gifts for the hospital, but thankfully, we had moved about half the gifts to another suitcase that did make it through, so it was a blessing.

At 9pm we had dinner in Tactic, found our rooms, and were in bed by 11pm.  We slept pretty well since we were exhausted from all our travels, and a lot of students said it felt good to arrive, they felt welcomed and comfortable.

Today we had an early breakfast at 7am, had a debrief to learn about cultural customs and Impact expectations, then went to the Tactic Market for a fun activity.  We were split into three groups and given a spanish list of groceries to buy with a list of photos we needed to try to take.  We were given 100 quetzals and one hour.  Then the race was on!  I think everyone enjoyed it, even though it started to rain halfway through.  It was neat to see how busy and chaotic, yet orderly the market is.  My group spent our money quickly, then were trying to take photos of things like a pig’s head, someone holding a chicken, and the team in front of the police station.

After lunch at the guesthouse, we went to the hospital.  We were again split into three groups and with a translator, went in different sections of the pediactrics ward and took turns praying over the children and giving them a stuffed animal.  It was really tough to hear their stories, but powerful to see them receiving, and even requesting prayer.  After the girls went into the maternity ward and gave out the gifts we had made of a baby blanket, onesie, bar of soap and Bible.  There were so many new moms, and the rooms were full of dads and other family visiting too.

The boys and girls went in small groups to the baby room, and help newborns.  Mr. Luth even gave a baby with a cleft lip a bottle.

After the hospital we stopped for ice cream and went back to the guesthouse for a little rest before dinner and debrief.  The girls had a bat in their room, so that was exciting as they tried to hit it out with a broom and it flew everywhere.  Now the team is visiting and resting, playing guitar, reading Bibles and journaling, and preparing for tomorrow.  Our first thing is church where Tim will be getting baptized, and some of the musicians will lead worship.

Keep praying for us!  Many are still exhausted, and some are feeling anxiety, while others are are struggling spiritually.  Your prayers make a big difference.

Blessings from Guatemala!


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