Monday Updates

Buenas noches!  It has been two days of amazing activities and God’s blessings.  Thank you for your prayers.

Yesterday we went to church at one of the Impact schools where they hold church and Tim was baptized.  It was really amazing how the people of Guatemala wanted to bless Tim.  They dug a hole, hauled over a tub that belongs to Impact and is used for baptisms and put it in the hole full of water.  It was so beautiful to see all the congregation surrounding him and witnessing this event.  He spoke for himself, and Mr. Luth also spoke for him.  Bethany videoed the whole thing, and many others took pictures, and there were some tears as well.

We went for lunch at a restaurant then joined a youth group in downtown Tactic and walked around doing street ministry where we handed out lollipops to adults that had a Bible verse attached and we said, “Dios te bendiga, Dios te ama”, which means “God bless you, God loves you.” It was amazing to see their smiles of joy for receiving one small gift and a blessing!

Last night we had an interesting cultural activity that you will have to ask your children about!

Today we joined the first Impact school in Chamche for their chapel, which was amazing to see how the children worship God so openly.  It is a pre-K to Grade 7 school, so after we got over 200 hugs, one from every student at the school!  That was so special to us, and for many, it was the highlight of their day.  Sometimes we forget how important showing love is to our children.  e

We then heard more about what Impact is doing and heard from the new principal, who is struggling, but also loves the children so fiercely.

After we did a construction project, which we will continue tomorrow.

This afternoon we did our first day of children’s ministry and had a chance to rest.  Some of us walked down to the cafe and had fancy drinks and cake.

This evening was amazing.  We had a debrief after dinner, and during worship many team members broke down.  I always pray for the students to break – which sounds horrible, but what I mean is for the walls they have built to fall down.  For them to feel freedom, be in God’s presence, hear his voice, feel his love.  And tonight was such a blessing, as many experienced just that.

Please continue to pray for strength, for physical endurance and for bodies that are hurting (back pain, headaches, some coughs).  For long, restful nights of sleep.  And especially that everyone will break on this trip.  That we will all experience God, hear his calling, and make a decision of what that means for the next step in our lives.  What will we change when we come home, so we don’t lose what we good has come from this trip?

Thank you and bless you.



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