We made it to Antigua!

Tuesday was a full day of rain, which was tiring for many of us.  Monday had miraculously been a rainy day, except every time we went outside it stopped raining.  So when we fell asleep to rain Monday night, woke to it Tuesday morning and realized that our day was going to be wet, we didn’t realize we were in for some changes.  We visited the Catholic church in Tactic, then, for the first time in 17 years of ministry, our guides took us to a hardware store to buy gum boots for the whole team!  We went back to the work project to move dirt, and on our way back to the guesthouse I got the call that our children’s ministry was canceled as the government had closed all the schools in the area for Tuesday and Wednesday.

At first it was really disappointing, but Impact worked quickly to arrange new plans for us.  We did a tour of the Impact land and saw the finished orphanage our last team had been building.  Then we had time to do two home visits and bless those families with prayers and food.  That evening we heard testimonies from two people who live in the area.

Wednesday we visited the Chicoy sinkhole then after lunch had the opportunity to do children’s ministry with an Impact school that was still open.  It ended out to be such a blessing because they were so excited to see us, and couldn’t stop giggling.  It made it so much more exciting for us.  Also, because it was a spur-of-the-moment change, we were the only leaders and had to plan a drama, worship, do all the talking and share the Bible verse.  Everyone kicked in, and it was so much fun and the students did an amazing job stepping up to the plate.

Today, Thursday, we packed up our vehicle and drove back to the same school we did children’s ministry in the day before for devotions.  When we arrived, it was like we were celebrities.  We were walking to their Chapel and all the elementary students were waiting to go in and holding out their hands to us, trying to touch us.  Inside, they were running over for hugs then going back to their class lines.  They were so excited!  After our last hug line, we got in the vehicles and drove to Antigua.  We took the students for a walk around the city, then went for dinner and ice cream and walked and round a bit in the dark.  Now they are realizing this hotel has WiFi, so they’re busy.



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