NEW flight Plans

So, we were all ready to board our plane to Montreal at 1am, when the announcement was made that the flight was delayed until 9am.

It’s now almost 5am, and we have a new plan.

We are splitting the group into two because it’s the only way to get everyone home Sunday night.

Group 1 is leaving at 9am on flight AM680 to Montreal, then flight WS3533 to Toronto, then flight WS513 to Kelowna, arriving at 9:54pm Sunday.

Group 1 is Mrs. Huntington, Mrs. Lane, Mr. Baker, Carter, Ryan, Joni, Daniel, Bethany, Brooklyn, Riley and Kurtis.

Group 2 is Miss Ramsey, Mr. Luth,  Katelyn, Brooke, Tim, Caleb, Ethan, Janna, Daneya and Carson.

Group 2 is taking the 12:40 flight AM577 to Cancun, then flight WS2177 to Kelowna landing at 9:53 pm, so we will both arrive at the same time Sunday.

Parents, please make sure we have enough drivers.

I will also email the school and excuse students from class Monday and Tuesday,  but if your child is staying home, please let the school know.

Now everyone is asleep in a beautiful hotel, and I need to start waking people in about an hour, so I’m going to try to sleep too.

Pray that we see you tomorrow!


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